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Bark beetle-damage costs Swedish forestry billions every year.

Bark beetle attacks cost Swedish forestry billions a year. The costs can exceed 40€ per hectare in many regions. We at Arboair want to be part of the transition to sustainable precision forestry where we can quickly gain insights and valuable information about large forest areas. We will do this by creating innovative solutions to quickly and efficiently identify problem areas. Our solution today is a service that with the help of RGB and multispectral images from drones, airplanes, helicopters or satellites can detect infected or stressed trees.


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Precision forestry

By using AI combined with high-resolution aerial data you can get precise information to help with forest management. Our tools for precision forestry helps you to get better information for your decisions and planning.

Precision Forestry

By using AI combined with high-resolution aerial data you can get precise information to help with forest management. Our tools for precision forestry helps you to get better information for your decisions and planning.

How it works 

1. Collect data

Once you have decided to inspect your forest, our experienced drone pilots will take care of this entire step.

2. Upload/API request

Use Arboair portal or request an API-solution for integration in your system.

  • Upload data
  • API request 

Administrate and manage your forest in the cloud.

3. Get results

  • Your results will show forest information and damages:
    • Bark beetle attacks 
    • Stages of infection
    • Wind fallen trees
    • Stressed trees
    • Tree species
    • Number of trees

4. Act

Now for the best part:

  • view the result in Arboair Portal
  • Download the mosaics, shapefiles and reports
  • Print out a map
  • Get access to the information directly via API-solution

Top AI start-up in Europe

Arboair has been selected as one of the top AI start-ups in Europe. AI Sweden has made an AI start-up map to showcase the best AI start-ups in Sweden and Europe. We are a part of this map due to our work with AI for precision forestry through our Forest Mapper.

WINNERS of What Wood You Do

Last year we won a forest innovation competition called What wood You Do arranged by Paper Province. WWYD was an international competition for innovations that would help the forest towards a sustainable forestry. The jury decided that Arboairs solution Forest Mapper...

Getting ready for launch

This APRIL we are going to launch our services to the world!! Arboairs MyForest and Arboairs Forest Mapper will help thousands of forest owners and forest managers in the fight agains bark beetle attacks. As we are getting ready we have updated our website with...

Trusted by Länsstyrelsen in Östergötland and Jönköping

We are pleased that we have now entered into a collaboration with the Länsstyrelsen in Östergötland and Jönköping to identify bark beetle infestations in the county's nature reserves. This means that from June to September 2020 are using our technology to maintain...

Now entering the Bark beetle season of 2020

In February, this year's Bark beelte conference was held in Linköping and Arboair was there to receive the latest information about the bark beetle season of 2020 that we are now entering. Last year, these attacks on Swedish forestry cost around SEK 4 billion in...

Sweden’s top 10 most innovative entrepreneur

This week we celebrate Jacob Hjalmarsson who as a representative of Arboair has been named one of Sweden's 10 most innovative entrepreneurs! Read more from the awarding organizations hereRead more from Arboair's incubator here

Arboair secure first funding.

We are now approved for growth verification capital where LEAD and LiU innovation through Vinnova approved our application to further develop our software. This has enabled us to hire more fantastic team members to our company. Their hard work has led us to be able to...

Venture Cup…

2020-03-24 We are growing extremely fast and for us as a company to be able to take the next leap, it would be wonderful if you could like / comment on our contribution to the Venture cup application where we compete for SEK 500,000!

We are Growing

2020-02-01 Wow, times fly by and we are getting closer and closer to a finished solution. Right now we are creating our software together with potential costumers. This has made us realize that we need to grow our team and we are right now.

New partner

2020-01-01 We are proud to present a new partner to Arboair - LEAD. Our partnership means that LEAD, which conducts incubator activities, supports our project with business coaching. In addition, we now sit at Teknikringen 7 in Mjärdevi Science Park in a creative and...



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