Forest Management


Optimize Your Forest Management with Our Comprehensive Solutions

Say goodbye to manual planning and endless hours of effort. With our cutting-edge forest management system, planning becomes a breeze. Our platform leverages advanced AI algorithms, ensuring plans are automatically generated with minimal input required from you, so you can focus on strategic decisions.

    Detailed Overview

    Our Forest Management module provides you with a holistic view of your forest, equipping you with essential data for optimal planning and resource allocation. From tree inventory to health monitoring and management planning, our platform simplifies forest management for enhanced productivity. 

    With our Forest Management module you can make:

    • traditional forest management plans
    • tree level management plan
    • goal-based management planning



    Unlock the potential of your forest with our module’s real-time analysis and comprehensive data. Gain insights into tree species distribution, health, and growth trends, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with sustainable practices.

    Create precision forest management plans that help you to go from: 

      Today With Arboair
      10 h 40 min
      Precision 60% Precision 90%
      50 ha/day 1000 ha/day
      High competence needed Simple
      Missing information Capitalization on forest

      How it works

      Our Forest Management module utilizes advanced algorithms and AI to analyze forest data. From high-resolution images to real-time sensor information, our platform processes vast amounts of data to present you with accurate and actionable insights.

      It provides you with:

      • living and updated information
      • a system that makes it easy to create, access, and change forest data
      • automated and data-driven decisions
      • goal image adaptation
      • over 20 parameters on tree level

      Success Stories



      Arboair’s model is equivalent to our forest management planners. The estimates are better on some variables, but slightly underestimated on others. This could certainly be a consequence of ground area weighted vs arithmetic mean. Extremely fun! I’d like to think you’re sitting on a bit of a diamond in the rough here.