During the end of the 19th century, few women owned and ruled forest properties, however there was a major shift during the 20th century and more and more women got ownership of properties in Sweden. Now around 38% of all private forest owners are women and more are rising.

Spillkråkan is an association that strengthens the competence of forest owners and exists for all our female forest owners. This association creates better conditions for equal forestry where knowledge barriers are no longer a problem!

We at Arboair had the honor of being part of spreading knowledge about forestry and how we work. Together we talked about spruce bark beetles and what they do in our forests and how to best deal with the problems. We also talked about what you as a forest owner can do with a space after a spruce bark beetle felling to strengthen growth in the forest and benefit the forest of the future.

To all the female forest owners out there, contact Spillkråkan and take advantage of everything you can learn through this network! Read more at: https://spillkrakan.se/