Arboair announces new partnership

ARBOAIR x GLOBHE – for great drone data

Linköping, May, 05, 2022 – International partnership to ensure great drone data for forest AI to help forest owners with sharp decision-making. 

ARBOAIR x GLOBHE. This partnership means that forest owners now can task drone operators from GLOBHE via Arboair’s platform to collect desired drone data, either if they do not have their own drone or if they do not have time to collect it themselves. Crowddroning by GLOBHE is a data as a service platform that gathers the best drone pilots in the world in one platform.

“Using GLOBHE will give our customers the chance to get experienced drone operators, which can save them valuable time to spend on important tasks.”

“This partnership provides a more streamlined process for data collection to heighten the quality for our customers and ensures capacity at all times which is to give a stronger offer to all our customers in need.” 

To get access to our forest AI and GLOBHE drone services register at If you want to get to know GLOBHE get into Make sure to also check out our work together here.

About Arboair

Arboair uses AI-driven image analysis to produce sharp decision-making data for forest owners. We use the most advanced technology to achieve high precision, but we go to work to create the conditions for a long-term improvement of your forest management.

The goal in our product development has always been that with a simple push of a button should make it possible to get information about the prevailing forest condition using image analysis. To be able to do this, we have developed one of the world’s most advanced AI platforms for forests, but at the same time built a user-friendly portal for presenting the results.

Contact Jacob Hjalmarsson for more information at or +46723027099.