Reinventing Forest Management

Forests analysed

Analyzed hectares

Saved trees

Saved value M €

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Forest Management

Digital, and always updated

Our state-of-the-art software, packaged in a user-friendly interface, allows you to manage your forests like never before. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, improve cost performance, or make data-driven decisions, we have got you covered  

Forest Inventory

Gain Full Visibility of Your Forests

Our Forest Inventory module offers a comprehensive overview of your forest. Monitor tree count, species, age, health and more with ease. Utilize this data to optimize operations and make informed decisions

Ecosystem Services

Leverage Nature’s Benefits

Our Ecosystem Services module helps you understand and quantify the value your forest provides to society. Promote sustainability and profitability through better understanding of your ecosystem’s contributions

Times faster data collection


More accurate inventory

Higher cost performance


Increased data quality

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Forest Owners and Managing Your Forest Data Doesn´t have to be hard.


Revolutionizing Forest Management Through Advanced Tech & AI

Arboair is leading the transition towards digitized, sustainable, precision forestry with image analysis and data analytics.

At Arboair, we’re fusing technology with nature to create sustainable solutions for the forest industry. Our advanced software enables seamless, efficient forest management, equipping businesses with the tools they need to thrive.

We create conditions for sustainable forestry on a world-wide basis and thereby promoting profitable forest management and biological diversity for future generations. 

We use the most advanced technology to achieve high precision, but we go to work to create the conditions for a long-term improvement of your forest management.

We are facing a very exciting journey where technology will be improved and the business will be scaled up. We believe that experimentation and failure are success factors in gaining new valuable insights. To get there, we need to value different abilities and help each other to develop and grow.

Product Features

Our state-of-the-art software, packaged in a user-friendly interface, allows you to manage your forests like never before. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, improved cost performance, or make data-driven decisions, our platform has you covered.

Forest Analysis Software

The Arboway: Streamlined Forest Management

1. Data Collection: Scan your forest using Arboair Best Practice with drones.

2. Analysis: Utilize our platform for Forest Inventory, Management Plans, Health Monitoring, and Ecosystem Services analysis.

3. Decision: Manage your forest in the cloud, leveraging digital data to make efficient decisions.

4. Result: Achieve profitable and sustainable forestry, tailored to your needs and demands.

Create value of Forest Data

Forest owners lack detailed data, hindering profitable and sustainable forest management. High-quality digital decision-making data for the forest’s current state is crucial for optimizing practices.

Our product empowers forest managers with real-time forest data through advanced AI image analysis. With a simple button push, our user-friendly portal provides high-quality digital decision-making data, enabling profitable and sustainable forest management. Experience seamless AI-powered optimization for your forests like never before.

Web portal

Our user-friendly web portal provides a comprehensive interface for forest managers to access and analyze real-time data, make informed decisions, and efficiently manage their forests.

API integration

Seamlessly integrate our platform into your existing systems and workflows, allowing easy data exchange and access to our advanced forest management capabilities.

Mobile friendly

Stay connected on-the-go with our platform on your mobile devices, enabling forest managers to monitor and manage their forests from anywhere, anytime.


I act much faster and I share the result with the harvester with high precision


– Ulrika Sjökvist, Forest Owner


The analysis finds what I miss and I can show the results to my forest owners

– Axel Ekström, Skogstjänst


It is good, time saving and a quality improver for the whole forest Industry


– Axel Wretemark, Södra Skogsägarna


It makes our work easier and has a great potential for the industry now and in the future

– Christian Syk, Holmen

Arboair at Almedalen

Last week, Arboair’s CEO, Markus Drugge, and Business Developer, Johanna Kästel, visited one of the busiest weeks in Visby, Gotland - Almedalsveckan. Invited by Skogsindustrierna, Markus got the possibility to present Arboair’s goals and vision and discuss how our...

Arboair is in Dagens Industri

Arboair is happy to announce that we are featured in Dagens Industri! It is always fun to demonstrate our solution and tell about our vision. In the article you can read about our journey, but also a little about how our solution works, as well as about us who work at...

Arboair is happy to announce a partnership with AI Sweden!

AI Sweden is welcoming five new partner organizations this fall, and Arboair is one of them! AI Sweden is the national center for applied artificial intelligence, jointly funded by the Swedish government and our partners, both public and private. The mission is to...

Innovative and sustainable forestry leads the way, Arboair gets Vinnova funding

Out of many applicant companies, Arboair gets approved funding by Vinnova for a project within the announcement "Advanced and Innovative Digitalization 2022" in collaboration with Holmen and AI Sweden. The aim of the project is to develop a platform for an end-to-end...

Arboair is one of the hottest SaaS companies of 2022

Last week, the yearly SaaS Summit Gala of Breakit took place at Cirkus, Stockholm. This year is the fourth time the gala is arranged. In connection with the gala, Breakit presents prices in seven categories within the SaaS industry.   Arboair got nominated within...

Holmen testar Arboairs teknik i kampen mot granbarkborren

Kan drönare och AI-driven bildanalys bidra till att rädda granskogen från granbarkborren? Holmen testar nu teknik från startupföretaget Arboair för att snabbt kunna upptäcka nya angrepp. Allting tog fart med torkan 2018. Sedan dess brottas södra Sverige av...

Press release: ARBOAIR x GLOBHE

Arboair announces new partnership ARBOAIR x GLOBHE - for great drone data Linköping, May, 05, 2022 - International partnership to ensure great drone data for forest AI to help forest owners with sharp decision-making.  ARBOAIR x GLOBHE. This partnership means...

Elmia Wood 2022 x Arboair

The last time was THREE years ago. THREE years ago… THREE years… THREE days of us. WE EXHIBIT! This year we will be one of those exhibiting at Elmia Woods to help spread knowledge, new technology and a lot of joy to everyone who works in or are interested in forestry....

Young innovators

A year ago Forum for Bio-economy was held digitally and Arboair was featured in a video where innovators were shown as good examples for the bio-economy. This year the event is held physically in Stockholm and we will be there. "Our innovation will save millions of...

Women in forestry

During the end of the 19th century, few women owned and ruled forest properties, however there was a major shift during the 20th century and more and more women got ownership of properties in Sweden. Now around 38% of all private forest owners are women and more are...


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