Arboair: for sustainable and profitable Forestry

Our vision

Arboair creates conditions for sustainable forestry worldwide, thereby promoting profitable forest management and biological diversity for future generations.

Our mission

Arboair is leading the transition to a digitized, sustainable precision forestry with deep learning and innovative solutions.

Our Story

It all began with a small sprout of an idea and a hope that this will grow into something better and bigger for us and others. We were commissioned in an innovation project to explore the potential of digitization in agriculture. This led to an idea that we evaluated together with farmers in the region where they found great interest in our services towards forestry instead of agriculture, as the problems occurred in the forest when they were most busy in the fields during the summer.

We then participated in entrepreneurial days with Prince Daniels Fellowship on the initiative of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. Where we were invited to sit at the round table by business advisers and raise our ideas. They were well received and the prince encouraged us to move on with this project for deeper research. We would have taken a selfie but we didn’t dare at the time, however, this meeting gave us the courage to test our entrepreneurial wings and verify the idea against the forest industry that received us with open arms.

We are now in the process of revolutionizing the digitalization of the forest industry in some areas.

Arboair aims to become an international player that creates the conditions for sustainable forestry on a worldwide basis, through the digitalization of the forest industry. Thereby promoting biological diversity for our generation and those to come.

The team

Markus Drugge


 Markus, the visionary and strategist. Our CEO has a background in Industrial economics and engineering and as a forest owner.

070 – 215 40 20

Jacob Hjalmarsson – COO

   Jacob, the multitasker and idea generator. Our COO has a background as an environmental engineer in Paper&Pulp industry and as a sustainability consultant. 

072 – 302 70 99

Adnan Avdagic – Techlead 

Adnan is an IT designer and creator like no else, he is also our very own gamer. Adnan has a background in engineering, coding and server infrastructure.

GIS och fjärranalys
GIS och fjärranalys

Andreas Uller – Product specialist and Remote sensing

Andreas almost lives in the forest. When he is not working there he runs in it. Andreas has a degree in forestry from SLU Umeå and works with creating the best product for our customers.

GIS och fjärranalys

Mohsen Primoradiyan – AI engineer 

Mohsen, our mathematical problem solver. With an open mind he is curious and engaged. Mohsen has a sense for details and how to fix problems. He has an M.Sc in Computer Science from Linköping University.

Erik Roos – 3D artist

When it comes to digital twins and development of future forests, Erik is our new star. Erik is the brain who comes up with new ways to solve problems.


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