Revolutionizing Forest Management

For Forest Managers: Explore our suite of advanced, user-friendly solutions specifically designed to streamline operations and promote sustainability in the forest industry.

Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive Forest Management

Our cutting-edge software revolutionize forest management. Our platform offers a suite of modules, each meticulously designed to address key aspects of forest management. From tree inventory to health monitoring, management planning, and ecosystem services, these modules synergize to provide a holistic, efficient, and sustainable approach to managing your forest resources. By harnessing the power of advanced AI and intuitive interfaces, our software empowers you to make data-driven decisions and unlock the full potential of your forests.”

Forest Inventory

Gain a comprehensive forest overview with our Forest Inventory module, effortlessly monitoring tree species and health. Leverage this data for optimized operations and informed decisions. Stay proactive with our Health Monitoring, detecting disease, pest infestations, and health risks before they become detrimental, ensuring the long-term health of your forests.

This module is great to use for:

  • Forest Damages analysis
  • Tree species inventory

Forest Management

Ensure your forest’s future with our Management Planning module. Use our platform’s predictive capabilities to automatically make effective, data-driven plans for sustainable management from collected data. Identify over 20 tree level parameters like, age, height, stem diameter, cutting class, crown diameter and more.  

This module is great to use for:

  • Dynamic Forest Management Planning
  • Felling Planning
  • Tree Level Forest Management

Ecosystem Services

Our Ecosystem Services module helps you understand and quantify the value your forest provides to sustainability. Promote sustainability and profitability through a better understanding of your ecosystem’s contributions.

This module is great to identify: 

  • CO2 balance for carbon credit verification

A Seamless and Scalable Platform

Our system is built on a robust and scalable infrastructure, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimal performance. Whether you are managing a small forest or a vast woodland, our platform caters to your needs with efficiency and reliability. 

You can access our system via our webportal or via API integrations.

Flexible Subscription Plans to Suit Your Needs

Choose from our scalable pricing models, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Our plans are designed with your company in mind, allowing you to adapt and grow at your own pace.

Offer based services

Through Arboair you also have the possibility to purchase services from our partners and suppliers. We have a wide range of partners that we can take in offers from.


Satellite images

Available resolution from our partners is:

1. High. Res = 30cmx30cm and 50cmx50cm. Bands. 4 bands and 8 band bundles.

2. Medium. Res = 3mx3m per pixel. Bands = 4 bands bundle

3. Low. Res = 10mx10m per pixel. Bands = 8 bands bundle.

Our satellite partner:

 Drone missions

Our partners do all kinds of drone missions and we have drone pilots with expertise in forest missions.

For missions our partner pilots can take up to 500ha/day, following our drone guide.

Our drone partners:

Help in the forest?

Some of our partners are experts in forest management and forest planning. If you need help with your decision-making based on the results our partners will help you!

If you need help with getting a digital forest management plan we work with partners that can help!


Inventory as a Service

We at Arboair can help you with your forest inventory on a project basis! 

We can help you map:

  • tree volumes
  • tree species
  • tree count
  • tree heights
  • forest damages
  • ondemand features

Contact us for more info of how we can help you!

Forests analysed

Analyzed hectares

Saved trees

Saved value M €

CO2 Saved (ton)

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