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It has never been easier to increase both profitability and biodiversity in your forest using AI.

Our Solution

Bark beetle attacks cost Swedish forestry billions a year. The costs can exceed 40€ per hectare in many regions. We at Arboair want to be part of the transition to sustainable precision forestry where we can quickly gain insights and valuable information about large forest areas. We will do this by creating innovative solutions to quickly and efficiently identify problem areas. Our solution today is a service that with the help of RGB and multispectral images from drones, airplanes, helicopters or satellites can detect infected or stressed trees.


Today’s technology versus Airboair’s future technology – working from today

Today, the technology for identifying bark beetle attacks in the forest is largely based on manual work through visual checks of forest areas, where early attacks are almost impossible to see, while old attacks are easier to detect. Attempts have been made to identify damage attacks using satellite radar maps which give a good indication and can be seen as a complementing part to our precision analysis.

Arboair aims to become an international player that creates the conditions for sustainable forestry on a global level, thereby enabling a transition to precision forestry for future generations. This is done by combining technological innovation with existing forestry processes.

Forest Mapper




Arboair Forest Mapper is a service where you analyze your images via our AI. Our model is trained on over 200 000 trees and it is verified by forest managers. 

1. Collect data  

  • Fly drone by yourself
  • Use our drone partners
  • Use our satellite partners to get high-resolution images 

2. Analysis 

  • Detect bark beetle attacks
  • Tree species detection
  • Tree detection and counting
  • Find wind fallen trees  

3. Get results

  • View in Arboair Portal
  • Send results to your own platform
  • Download to use in QGIS, ArcGIS, Google Earth or another GIS.





MyForest is your forest in the cloud. It is a free service where you can monitor your forest via our satellite analysis. You can also see, handle and order Forest Mapper for your areas. 

Get access via Arboair Portal!

Satellite monitoring

  • Weekly monitoring of your forest with Sentinel-2 data
  • Change analysis to detect damages
  • Get areas of interest to make seek and pick easier
  • Psst: It is free!

Tree health grid

  • Indices calculation and interpretation
  • NDVI
  • NDWI
  • RE-Indice
  • and more


  • Rapid Orthomosaics.
    • We can create a map of your forest instantly. 
    • Take a 100ha in just 25min fly time.
  • True orthomosaics
    • Want a high-resolution map of your forest? We can help you!

Use in your own system?

Request an API-solution!

All of Forest Mapper’s functionality can be accessed via your login at Arboair Portal or via an API request. If you would rather use some or all modules in your platform contact us for an API-solution. Our possible API solutions can be either online via web-API or offline via an API-integration to your field tool. Yes, this means that you can get Forest Mapper modules on your field device!


We have competencies and can help you! We have consultancy services in:

  • AI & Deep Learning development
  • Web frontend & backend – React, Django, AWS, Python
  • GIS
  • Management – project management, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001
  • Forest inventory and planning
  • Drone mission flight

Analyzed hectares

Dead trees identified

Identified infected trees

Forests analyzed

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