Last week, the yearly SaaS Summit Gala of Breakit took place at Cirkus, Stockholm. This year is the fourth time the gala is arranged. In connection with the gala, Breakit presents prices in seven categories within the SaaS industry.  

Arboair got nominated within two of the seven categories: SaaS Newcomer of the Year and Product Team of the Year. Within each category, members of a jury agree on five finalists in each category.  Among the nominated companies, there were perky start-ups as well as Swedish giants together with some of the industry’s sharpest investors and managers.

It’s been an honor being nominated for the gala among the other amazing companies. And, although Arboair, unfortunately, did not win this year’s nominations, it has been a fantastic opportunity to show the work and products of Arboair. The SaaS industry is still very hot and keeps on growing and it is very interesting to meet different companies within the industry.

We are very much looking forward to next year’s gala and once again, a huge thank you to Breakit for the nominations, it has been an honor! Until then, you can read more about Arboair and our work and products here on our website!