We’re growing!

Are you ready to join Arboair? We’re looking for backup!

Since Arboair is a start-up, we are constantly looking for more people to expand our team.
We will post applications sporadically.




Are you ready to join Arboair? We’re looking for backup! Since Arboair is a start-up, we are constantly looking for more people to expand our team. 

We will post applications sporadically.

We are Hiring: Computer vision engineer

– a chance to help digitize the forest and save the trees

Are you driven to contribute to future generations and to do this for real by doing something that no one else has done before?

Arboair is a tech startup that develops an image analysis platform (SaaS) where we lead the transition to a digitally sustainable precision forestry. We do this by linking forest data to image analysis to solve forestry problems.

We are facing a very exciting journey where technology will be improved and the business will be scaled up. We believe that experimentation and failure are a success factor in gaining new valuable insights. To get there, we need to value different abilities and help each other to develop and grow.

If you are a person who wants to grow together with a startup and loves to code, we would like to hear more from you. Right now we are looking for a computer vision engineer who wants to work with AI and general development.

In the role, you are expected to work with, among other things

  • Improvement of existing models
  • Training of models with new and existing data (we love data)
  • Work with integrations and automation between relevant systems
  • Experimenting with new technologies and solutions

We see that you:

  • have education in machine learning / computer science / computer vision or equivalent
  • is well experienced in python
  • has experience of deep learning frameworks (pythorch / tensorflow) and openCV
  • has experience from Linux, docker, AWS, git

Merit is that you:

  • have worked with geographical data / drones / image processing
  • have a habit of finding creative solutions to problems

In addition to working with what you love, Arboair offers:

  • a culture where we help each other
  • freedom with responsibility
  • a great ML computer for model training
  • to be one of the first in a growing startup!

This is your chance to work full time with changing the future!

Search the position by sending in your resume to drugge@arboair.com 

Are there no applications for you out right now? And you still think you can help us grow faster and have an internal drive, you are always welcome to call us and present your proposal!

Our needs are for students who can work extra and who are interested in a full-time job. We are looking for you who wants to be a part of running a development project that means you can join in and create something new that has not existed before. Our team aims to be the first in the world to launch a commercial solution for image processing analysis and digitization of forestry.

For us, the most important thing is that we get the right person in the right place with the right skills. To succeed in this, we will run professional recruitment processes where we go outside our acquaintance circle. Through this, we hope to be able to find new employees who can complement us with new skills from other backgrounds. At the same time, we have set up a 50/50 vision when it comes to the number of men and women we are going to have as employees. This is to make us a long-term attractive workplace for everyone in the future.


If you are driven, we believe that you will learn a lot by working with us and if you do not know everything about AI-based programming today, you will learn some along the way!


What we offer students:

  • Paid work
  • Being part of a team that creates something new and revolutionary for the forest industry
  • Together we can create the conditions to enable a summer job and future degree work
  • The opportunity to work with us in an innovative environment or on your terms


Are you interested in working full-time?

Apply for a position or contact us with a suggestion. We are always open to suggestions by spontaneous applications.


Competences we are in a need of:

  • AI/deep learning
  • Frontend
  • User experience 
  • Industry knowledge – forestry
  • GIS engineering
  • Business development for business and operations
  • Marketing and sales