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Projects – inventory as a service

Are you in need of new data of your forest? Need to find damaged trees, get data before selling, see which trees to save and which to fell, update your forest management plan? We are here to help you through your journey!

Arboair has experience in collecting data and analyzing the data to bring value for decision-making. We will take care of the whole process for you together with our experienced partners!

You can either get the results delivered to you or you can let us and our partners fix your problems.

If you want the result delivered we can deliver in shapefiles, geojson, kml, csv, geotiff, pdf, reports and more and this requires that you have your own system to handle the files. If you do not have a system yourself look at our ArboPlanner.

    1. Collect data

    Our partners will collect all the data for you. You decide when and where. Send us a shapefile or a KML or your the name and number of your land so we can look it up in the registers.

      2. Analysis – we will create the results

      In ArboPlanner we will analyze the images for:

      • bark beetle damages

      You can also see in which stage the attacks are depending on its class. With this information you can take action and take out the attacked trees before the damages get out of control.

      • tree species

      With this information you can start to update your forest management plan, get a valuation of your forest or to plan when and what to fell.

      • tree counting

      If you need to see where your forest are as most dense or if you need to count trees befor a felling this service is the one for you.

      • other demands?

      Do you have any other demands or need you need help with? Let us know and we will help. Contact us!

        3. Result and delivery

        When the results are done for delivery the files and reports will be delivered to you via Arboair secure delivery methods.

        The following files are included in all services:

        • result: shapefile/kml/csv/geojson
        • mosaic: geotiff
        • report: pdf

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        Project management

        Do not worry! We will take care of all project management for the flight, analysis and delivery. All you need to do is give us your land information.