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Forest Mapper – my forest in the cloud

Forest Mapper is our web portal solution where you access all our services both free, subscribed, and extra services. All prices on this website are exclusive VAT.


Price list – Project based forest damages detection

All Forest Mapper analysis is administrated and bought via your login at Arboair web Portal or if you perfer you can purchase all our analysis services as a project via your sales contact at Arboair (do you not have one? Contact us!). This way we take care of the whole process for you from data collection to analysis and support with decision making.

All prices on this website are exclusive VAT.

The prices below are for project based services, this includes data collection, analysis of images through Forest Mapper, project administration and project management as well as support in decision making. All prices are based on purchased hectares and minimum order of 100 hectares is required. If you have a smaller area we recommend using Forest Mapper yourself or purchasing our services through any one of our partners below.


100 SEK/ha

100 ha

80 SEK/ha

500 ha

70 SEK/ha

750 ha

60 SEK/ha

1000 ha

Price list – Drone service

All drone services is executed by our partners. This is for you who do not have your own drone and using Forest Mapper on your own.

All prices on this website are exclusive VAT and a 1000 SEK starting cost is also applied for each drone mission (per object). If you have your own drone you do not need this. Prices below is for data collection through drone flights. 


40 SEK/ha

100 ha

35 SEK/ha

500 ha

30 SEK/ha

750 ha

25 SEK/ha

1000 ha

25 SEK/ha

100 ha/month


Price list – Mosaic

If you want to order orthomosaics from Arboair you can!

All prices on this website is exclusive VAT. 


Rapid orthomosaic


A rapid orthomosaic is stitched mosaic that can be created directly. With our rapid orthomosaic you get the mosaic right away.

True orthomosaic


A true orthomosaic is a pixel-stiched map combined with your images. The map image is orthorectified and has higher GPS certainty than a rapid orthomosaic. 

Price list – Offer based services

Through Arboair you also have the possibility to purchase services from our partners and suppliers. We have a wide range of partners that we can take in offers from.


Satellite images

Available resolution from our partners is:

1. High. Res = 30cmx30cm and 50cmx50cm. Bands. 4 bands and 8 band bundles.

2. Medium. Res = 3mx3m per pixel. Bands = 4 bands bundle

3. Low. Res = 10mx10m per pixel. Bands = 8 bands bundle.

Our satellite partner:

 Drone missions

Our partners do all kinds of drone missions and we have drone pilots with expertise in forest missions.

For Forest Mapper missions our partner pilots can take up to 500ha/day, following our drone guide.

For true orthomosaics they can take up to 100ha/day.

Our drone partners:

Help in the forest?

Some of our partners are experts in forest management and forest planning. If you need help with your decision-making based on the results our partners will help you!

If you need help with getting a digital forest management plan we work with partners that can help!