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ArboPlanner – my forest in the cloud

ArboPlanner is our web portal solution where you access all our services both free, subscribed, and extra services. To know what price you would get contact us with info about you and your forest business and you will get a tailored offer!


ArboPlanner modules

In our cloud solution ArboPlanner, you get the basis for digital forestry. It can be seen as your digital forest management plan where you can create a certified plan for yourself or for the forest owners you work with.

In ArboPlanner you can get access to:

Forest Damages analysis

Analyse drone images to see dead, damaged and stressed spruces in your forest to prevent bark beetle spread.

  • 100 ha < 60 min
  • 1000 ha per day

Forest Data

Get data over your forest: 

  • tree species
  • tree heights
  • tree count
  • tree volume
  • carbon storage
  • more data you want? Contact us!


Rapid mosaics

  • 100 ha < 60 min

Fast, large scale, great for analysis

True orthos

  • 100 ha per day

High GPS-precision and good for measurements and different calculations like volume of trees, timber piles and more.

Forest Managemant plan tools (Alfa)

The future of forest management plans.

  • Automatic stand delineation, planning suggestions and data on individual tree levels
  • Goal-based and adaptable
  • Accurate forest stand data
  • Can be used for continuity forestry and regular plans.
  • > 500 ha / day


Offer based services

Through Arboair you also have the possibility to purchase services from our partners and suppliers. We have a wide range of partners that we can take in offers from.


Satellite images

Available resolution from our partners is:

1. High. Res = 30cmx30cm and 50cmx50cm. Bands. 4 bands and 8 band bundles.

2. Medium. Res = 3mx3m per pixel. Bands = 4 bands bundle

3. Low. Res = 10mx10m per pixel. Bands = 8 bands bundle.

Our satellite partner:

 Drone missions

Our partners do all kinds of drone missions and we have drone pilots with expertise in forest missions.

For ArboPlanner missions our partner pilots can take up to 500ha/day, following our drone guide.

For true orthomosaics they can take up to 100ha/day.

Our drone partners:

Help in the forest?

Some of our partners are experts in forest management and forest planning. If you need help with your decision-making based on the results our partners will help you!

If you need help with getting a digital forest management plan we work with partners that can help!


Inventory as a Service

We at Arboair can help you with your forest inventory on a project basis! 

We can help you map:

  • tree volumes
  • tree species
  • tree count
  • tree heights
  • forest damages
  • ondemand features

Contact us for more info of how we can help you!