– visualize your forest through true image maps

Rapid Orthomosaics

Arboair rapid orthomosaics are stitched mosaics that can be created directly. With our rapid orthomosaic you get the mosaic right away in Arboair Portal. This means that you get an updated map in minutes.

A rapid orthomosaic does not demand much computing power which means that it is a perfect tool to get aerial information about an area fast. It also means that it can be implemented via an offline API to a field device so that you can get your updated map right in the field.

Our Rapid Orthomosaics have a GPS-coordinate error of +- 5-10m.

True Orthomosaics

A true orthomosaic is a pixel stitched map combined of your images. The map image is orthorectified and has higher GPS certainty than a rapid orthomosaic. 

A true orthomosaic fits you well if you need exact GPS-coordinates of specific objects in the map.