Forest Mapper

Eliminating bark beetles with AI

Forest Mapper

All of Forest Mappers functionality can be accessed via you log in at Arboair Portal or via API request. If you rather use some or all moduls in your of platform contact us for an API-solution. Our possible API solutions can be either online via webb-API or offline via an API-integration to your field tool. Yes, this means that you can get Forest Mapper modules in your field device! 

    1. Collect data

    There is more then one way to collect high resolution data to do precision forestry analysises. If you have your own drone that is your best solution! Make sure to follow our drone guide before you fly. 

      If you do not have your own drone it does not matter. We are here to help you through the process. 

      Arboair has several partners to collect imagery. At Arboair Portal we help you order a drone flight from one of our partners. If you need to analyze more than 2000ha we recommend to use high resolution satellite imagery from one of our partners. We will help you here aswell!

      2. Analysis – Bark beetle detection

      In Forest Mapper you can analyze you imagery for bark beetle damages. You can also see in which stage the attacks are depending on its class. With this information you can take action and take out the attacked trees before the damages get out of control. 

        3. Tree species

        In Forest Mapper you can get the tree species distribution in your forest. You can either download a report of you distribution and send to you timber purchaser or forest manager or you can view the distribution on a map in Arboair Portal.  

        4. Tree detection

        Our model can detect single trees from drone images, high resolution aerial imagery and high resolution satellite images. 

        We can count all trees and classify them depending on tree species, damage stage or other criterias. If combined with laser data you can also get the average stock volume per tree species. 

        You can also get a GPS postition of each tree to make you felling more precise and easier.